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Compact Proton Therapy in record time at Aizawa Hospital

The next generation Proton Therapy System is already installed and it is working better than spec. 


The installation of the new compact single gantry proton therapy system at Aizawa Hospital has been completed in record time. The proton beam is turned on and the performance is exceeding specifications. SUMITOMO had assembled and tested the system in its cyclotron shop at the Niihama factory before delivering to Aizawa hospital. Therefore the installation was fast, mostly plug-and-play. Welcome to visit the most modern and best equipped PT facility in the world. A compact single-room proton therapy system without compromises. 360 degrees of gantry angles, Pencil Beam Scanning, Multi-Purpose Nozzle, MLC, Dual DR, CT-on-rails, gating. Vertical layout for minimal footprint. Cost effective and less expensive than competitors. And it works, very reliable. Based on 14 years of succesful clinical operations experience at the National Cancer Center Hospital the Aizawa installation is expected to perform very well for a very long time.