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EANM Gothenburg Oct 19-21 PET Cyclotrons from Sumitomo

The European Association of Nuclear Medecine (EANM) annual meeting is in Goteborg Oct 19-21 and we are there, exhibiting PET Cyclotrons from SUMITOMO Heavy Industries of Japan. The medical technologies from Sumitomo Heavy will for the first time be shown in an EANM exhibit hall. The most advanced PET Cyclotrons and accessories for making a variety of PET isotopes. Please visit the Sumitomo booth in Göteborg!
So far the PET Cyclotron market in Europe is dominated by GE, Siemens and Iba. Now Sumitomo are considering entering the european market with its HM-20 high performance PET Cyclotron, which may become available in both self-shielded and bunker models. SUMITOMO are undisputed market leaders in Japan and are rapidly growing across Asia. For those institutions in Europe who are ready to upgrade, or install its first cyclotron, Sumitomo PET Cyclotrons are an excellent  choice for performance and reliability. Welcome to our booth at EANM 2014 in Goteburg.