LIONESS Light Ions

Introducing LION300 New Light Ions research tools

Proton therapy and carbon ion therapy and research require sophisticated particle accelerators and specialized radiation therapy delivery systems. LIONESS Light Ions are proud to present the next generation of cost-effective such light ions research tools, with a superconducting K-1200 cyclotron designed by Sumitomo and innovative beam delivery tools enabling light ions.

Besides protons and carbon ions, there is potential benefits to treat with other light ions, and to combine ions for more effective radiation therapy. Ions heavier than hydrogen (protons) but lighter than carbon, such as Helium (Alpha particles), Lithium ions and perhaps boron, hold promise to improve therapeutic effect in certain tumors. Combinations of different light ions may also be more effective in radio-resistant tumors. There will be interesting research in light ions particle therapy in the years to come.