LIONESS Light Ions

LIONESS proudly introduce Compact two gantry proton therapy facility from SUMITOMO Heavy Industries

Cancer is passing heart disease as the leading cause of death in the western industrialized world.

Informed cancer patients demand state-of-the-art care and compare treatment alternatives, both in terms of efficacy, convenience, price and comfort. Light Ions Therapy, also known as Proton Therapy or Particle Therapy (PT) is increasingly the treatment modality of choice for a number of cancers, including pediatric cancers, brain tumors, spine, head-and-neck, prostate cancer and other cancers.


LIONESS Therapeutics AB was formed to help improve cancer cures by providing access to new and superior medical technologies, education and services.


The most advanced medical technologies are combined with a unique focus on patient experience. LIONESS aim is that cancer patients shall be offered the optimal types of therapy depending on tumor type. Making sure to minimize complications while more effectively killing tumors.


LIONESS can provide a whole range of services to organizations in the process to build advanced cancer centers ranging from facility design, equipment selection and integration, and support in the financing process. Our main focus and expertise is in the area of radiation therapy with with special focus on particle therapy, i.e. proton therapy and light ions therapy.