LIONESS Light Ions

PTCOG in Yokohama. Welcome to see fast Line Scanning in the SUMITOMO booth

The Particle Therapy CoOperative Group is starting today in Yokohama, Japan. Welcome to see fast Line Scanning in the SUMITOMO booth. IMPT the way it was meant to be.

Scanning in proton therapy (PBS, IMPT etc.) has many names and different meanings, and there are confusing claims and hype by some vendors about the pencil beam scanning techniques they employ. At PTCOG you can see for yourselves the proven, the fastest, the most advanced scanning technique in particle therapy. It is called Line Scanning, by Sumitomo Heavy Industries. As opposed to spot scanning (raster) the SHI Line Scanning is a continuous beam which paints the target volume very very fast with the desired dose in all dimensions. Welcome to the SHI booth to speak with us at PTCOG!