LIONESS Light Ions

SUMITOMO Receives Approval for Pencil Beam Scanning

Pencil Beam Scanning (IMPT) offers the greatest conformality of radiation dose shape to target. SUMITOMO has the most modern and advanced solution allowing for very fast line scanning and spot scanning. It has now been approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan.

Treatment room #2 at the National Cancer Center Hospital East, near Tokyo, is the world's most advanced particle therapy treatment room. It has both dual DR and in-room CT-on-rails for image guidance, plus on-line PET detectors built into the gantry, allowing for instant viewing of activation in the patient. Instant in-vivo dose range verification by PET. Proton MLC, Robotic Couch, gantry rolling floor, respiratory gating and the Multi-Purpose Nozzle for both pencil beam and wobbling irradiation are also clinically used features of the SUMITOMO Proton Therapy system at NCC.

Link to pressrelease from sumitomo heavy industries re pencil beam scanning approval.