LIONESS Light Ions

Cyclotrons; charged particle accelerators

SUMITOMO Heavy Industries, Ltd. Quantum Division have made a range of cyclotrons for particle physics research, particle therapy and for PET isotope production.

Design and production of advanced cyclotrons is a speacialty of SUMITOMO. The world leading 10 MeV and 20 MeV cyclotrons for FDG and other PET isotopes production are appreciated by hospitals all over Asia and soon all over the world. A 30 MeV system installed at Osaka University is the only hospital-based accelerator for BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) treatments. Several 230 MeV cyclotrons for proton therapy have been built and installed. At Reiken there are both a 540 MeV cyclotron and a 700 MeV compact synchrotron designed and built by SUMITOMO. Many one-off and first-in-the-world accelerators come from the SUMITOMO Heavy Industries Quantum Division at the famous Niihama Works, a 400 000 square meters large factory which for 400 years have played a central role in the SUMITOMO group's history.

p_heavy02 niihama works(1).jpg

SUMITOMO's Niihama works. 400,000 m2 with its own harbor.