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LIONESS Light Ions provide a range of products and services for advanced cancer centers, with state-of-the-art equipment configurations and facility design. 

LIONESS represent SUMITOMO Heavy Industries in Europe for select proton therapy projects. We also represent ViewRay and IMT in Scandinavia, and C-Rad and other manufacturers in some situations. The most advanced technologies and products are integrated for advanced particle therapy projects and state-of-the-art cancer centers.

Leading cancer care requires large investments, in facilities, equipment, staff and training. The right tools, training and service are crucial for smooth operational ramp up and long term success.

LIONESS are proud to work with leading Japanese and American suppliers in radiation oncology and can offer fully integrated solutions for advanced particle therapy and radiation therapy clinics. Our aim is to offer the latest advanced technologies while providing patients a more comfortable and dignified experience.


The picture shows a 2-room compact cost effective proton therapy facility. Custom configurations are designed based on your needs and requirements.

The most advanced proton therapy facility in operation today is the National Cancer Center (NCC) Hospital East, in Chiba prefecture near Tokyo. It has pencil beam scanning, PET detectors in the gantry, multi-leaf collimators for protons, CT-on-rails, dual DR, robotic couch and other leading scanning, scattering and wobbling beam delivery methods. This is the first hospital based proton therapy facility with a cyclotron. SUMITOMO Heavy Industries, Ltd. delivered the technology and have maintained  and upgraded it since it was put into use in 1998. SUMITOMO are now shipping and installing the most modern proton therapy systems available, worldwide.

Link to open SUMITOMO proton therapy website 

LIONESS are Representatives for SUMITOMO Heavy Industries in select Proton Therapy projects.

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